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Now heres my story: [28 Jul 2003|09:15pm]


Once upon a time there has a young STRIPPER named DENNIS. He was WILDLY MASTURBATING in the HAIRY forest when he met BROWN JASON, a run-away PROSTITUTE from the SMELLY Queen KAILA.

DENNIS could see that BROWN JASON was hungry so he reached into his BOX and give him his LATIN BRUSSEL SPROUTS. BROWN JASON was thankful for DENNIS's BRUSSEL SPROUTS, so he told DENNIS a very FOREIGN story about Queen KAILA's daughter LISANNE. How her mother, the SMELLY Queen KAILA, kept her locked away in a CASTLE protected by a gigantic DOG, because LISANNE was so GREEN.

DENNIS FUCKED. He vowed to BROWN JASON the PROSTITUTE that he would save the GREEN LISANNE. He would RUN the DOG, and take LISANNE far away from her eveil mother, the SMELLY Queen KAILA, and MAKE her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a SHITTY PIECE OF POOP and BROWN JASON the PROSTITUTE began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic DOG from his story. SMELLY Queen KAILA FLEW out from behind a DILDO and struck DENNIS dead. In the far off CASTLE you could hear a QUEEF.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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this is funny [28 Jul 2003|08:25pm]


Once upon a time there has a young STRIPPER named DENNIS. He was WILDLY MASTURBATING in the HAIRY forest when he met BROWN JASON, a run-away PROSTITUTE from the SMELLY Queen KAILA.

DENNIS could see that BROWN JASON was hungry so he reached into his BOX and give him his LATIN BRUSSEL SPROUTS. BROWN JASON was thankful for DENNIS's BRUSSEL SPROUTS, so he told DENNIS a very FOREIGN story about Queen KAILA's daughter LISANNE. How her mother, the SMELLY Queen KAILA, kept her locked away in a CASTLE protected by a gigantic DOG, because LISANNE was so GREEN.

DENNIS FUCKED. He vowed to BROWN JASON the PROSTITUTE that he would save the GREEN LISANNE. He would RUN the DOG, and take LISANNE far away from her eveil mother, the SMELLY Queen KAILA, and MAKE her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a SHITTY SEX and BROWN JASON the PROSTITUTE began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic DOG from his story. SMELLY Queen KAILA FLEW out from behind a DILDO and struck DENNIS dead. In the far off CASTLE you could hear a FART.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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argghh [28 Jul 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

at my old journal, it was fucking up so im gonna write here until i get another code.. so wussup ya'll? nuthing here just a little pissed offffffff...... OK well im im gonna go watch TV

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UPDATE [28 Jul 2003|03:17am]
sorry peeps ive been real busy lately.. i have a new live journal... if u wanna know it IM me on AOL- SkippinKlass.

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Wooo [23 May 2003|08:25pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

hey ppl I added music to my website and its awesome now. THANK YOU Laura for helping me make a Geocities page and setting it up it looks kool.. but me is letting no one see it cus it still needs work and I think my brother is going to help me make a layout... speaking of brother, he just got out of the hospital for certain reasons I wont mention.. He might be homeskooled, which I got just about everyone in his class coming up to me today and asking "Isnt ur brother gonna be homeskooled?" Everybody was asking me, obviously hes proud of it. But right now Laura is trying to explain frames to me but still I dont understand it that well. Also my friend Ana just told me that she might go to PBHS where I'm going so its gonna be cool plus everyone else I know there... I dono if i mentioned it but if i did sorry, but im taking sum hard classes especially my math class... its gonna be DAMN hard not like it isnt now.. we're doing Trigonometry and it is the biggest bitch in the whole muther fukin world, it is the hardest shit u'll ever see.. sum of it is, sum of it is just plain easy or stupid as hell. Yet again Ms. Rowe fails to see the concept of teaching because shes always in another world, making us read these so stupid stories from a book it sickens the hell outta me.. and shes always forgetting.. she needs to retire already. Well ppl, I gotta go walk my dog then eat dinner, so I'll cya'll lata. Peace

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too bored [19 May 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Too bored to write, but check out my webpage cus I edited it- www.hometown.aol.com/skippinklass. IM me on AOL- SkippinKlass or AIM- heatzone.


I'm failing Web Design :-X lol how is this possible?


wooo im hyper and bored at the same time.

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hmmm [18 May 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well today was boring as usual.. we started to present our boards for Ms. Ricket but I didnt go yet cus we started talking bout Guns. I'll probably go tomorrow. I think my board was the best one there.. well, I've got this Ignition song stuck in my head again so ima go try to get it out. Cya later.


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prject [17 May 2003|11:48pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today I spent the ENTIRE day, yes the whole day working on my board for Ms. RIcket. I think it came out really good and I dont want ne1 to be jealous of it tomorrow. lol well it's late now and I gotta go to sleep, I'll be bak later. PEACE

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wow long time [17 May 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | sick ]

dang its been a month since I've updated.. and many things have happened. Well, on April 23rd, we left for the Florida tour, which was a four day field trip where we had an awesome time. we went to FSU, University of Central Florida, University of Florida.. etc. We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not. Our teacher was filming us behind sumthing there that is meant to be a joke. The best part was that we got to miss 4 days of skool. On the last day of the field trip, we went to Islands of Adventure, where I first got a fast pass for The Hulk, then I went on Dueling Dragons first, three times in a row, then i went on Jurassic Park, then used my Fast Pass for The Hulk. We got soaked tho when we went on Dudley Do Right. These two girls were makin me go on Spider Man with them cus they saw a cute guy that they like, so they wouldnt let me leave so we ended up going on it 8 times in a roe. Of course, when it was finally over, I had to return home to my normal, boring life. Bak to skool. Of course when we got bak there was make-up work for us to have completed by the end of the week. Well, In graphic arts, we hafta make a webpage, which I am no good at doing. I'm having my friend help me with one right now, even tho its on Geocities and we'll be using Adobe GoLive. I'll just transport all teh HTML and crap to the other page. Byt anyways, this bitch fat ass pussy licker named JASMINE acted like the biggest bitch so I decided I didnt wanna be apart of sumthing like that. She got really mad and got here LITTLE friends to IM me and all that and turned some of my friends against me. She can really piss me off sometimes. I'm honestly, glad that I'm not her friend anymore. But anyways, me and patty r having some more bears [inside joke] so we'll be getting a divorce and i'll be paying her child support. OOO Patty I'm really sorry about ur sister :( that really sucks. Well, now that it's May 17 at 12:25 AM, I was absent the past few days.. I've been sick *cough cough* yes really I have been.. It's quite sad actually. Me n my friend had gotten into a fight a few weeks ago, but we're friends again thankfully cus shes my best friend. I just found out last night at this orientation for Pompano High Skool.. I hafta take ALGEBRA 2 HONORS! and im only going into 9th grade.. jees its really gonna be hard i really hope I pass, but I doubt i will... oh well i can always just go online and get help on it. I'm going 2 see if I can finally get classes with Laura cus then it'll be fun. I signed up 3 drama too so i better not get nervous if we do ne plays or sumthin. Well, right now Laura is helping me with a webpage. Well peeps, I'm still sick so I better lay down, IM me on AOL- SkippinKlass or AIM- heatzone. PEace out.


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welcome me bak [16 Apr 2003|12:49pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

damn damn damn its been so damn long since ive written in here. Well I've been very busy lately doing things and I found out a few days ago I'm getting a dog. I can't wait. we've been to a few Abandoned pet Rescue places so far and I found a cool Mutt that I love. Shes kinda big and she just came and sat on my lap. her name is Sally. Me n my dad like her but my brother and my mom don't. They like this Dashcund [Doxsin] named oscar there. It fukin bit me so i hate it. My brothyer didnt like the way Sally drooled on him, evenb tho it was hot out. My mom started telling me that dog is too big and SHE wants a smaller dog. My bro said maybe hye would consider getting that one. Well I'm so damn glad we're finally on Spring break because I've been counting down these days since Winter break ended. Right when we get bak we're going on Florida Tour :-) so thats good. We're gonna have a lot of fun cus me, my bro, phillip and this kid named James we are all bunked together and phillip's bringing his PS2 and Im gonna bring gaves and my American Pie 2 DVD :-) so we'll be able to watch it and play games. But Ms. Rwoe gave us this gay gay assignment that involves using a newspaper. I swear it was the stupidest assignment ever and she's wack. Well, i g2g gt ready cus tonite is passover and we're all goin to my grandmas's house. And my aunt is bringing her boy friend >:O but o well if she wantsta. I'll cya'll later. PEACE

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[30 Mar 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

damn today sucked bad. I had to go to my dads store in the morning with my mom and then she told me 'ohh stay with him until it closes' so i said whatever and stayed. she assured me it would only be until 5:00 PM. Then he gets pissed at me over nohing and he says 'ohh now we're staying here until 9:00 PM, i said 'fuck that' and kept asking him to give me the keys and i would drive. of cousr i would get in trouble but still. he really annoyed the shit outta me this time and i told i was never going back there again [thank god] but when i got home today my mom told my brother that he had to give her the mouse at around like 10:00 and he didnt of course cus she fell asleep and he didnt. then he decided to get off, then he came in my room came on my computer then he was using my old mouse on his computer. The 'ghetto mouse' as he called it. well ima go try to find my south park game see ya'll later.

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Nothing [29 Mar 2003|07:45pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Damn today I did nothing all day beginning at 6 AM because for sum reason thats when I woke up. I decided to play my Nintendo 64 since I hadn't played it in a while. The only game that would work was star fox.. AND DAMN I COULDNT FIND MY SOUTH PARK game... maybe i left it at my 4 year old cousins house... shit i sure hope not. well neways like i said theres nothing to do today so I am really bored so call me.

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Long time no see [28 Mar 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Damn it's been a LONG ass time since I wrote in here. I've been pretty much sick this week still with a soar throat and at the doctors. Not much has happened. For this whole week during 4th period we've bee going to the gym to observe projects and monitor them while other classes are in there looking at them. It's been a good break from that class. While I was gone we had a geometry test and Ms. Yawn gave it to me to do over the night.. i hope she didnt expect me to NOT use the book while I was there cus I would have been crazy not to have. That shit is hard but I got an A in the class. I snuck a peak today at my grade in Ms. Rickett's gradebook and I have an 80.9 I just made a B i was so happy cus I was expectin a D so it's all good. I am lookin forward to the weekend because there's no skool on Monday so I have an extra day to relax and all that. Then Spring Break is coming up soon then I'll be able to relax. Lisanne took my last year's ID badge picture after spanish today and I have an A in that class thankfully, after I was absent for a lot of the work i still have an A so I'm happy. But before that today in journalism we were watching the stupidest movie ever called "Things we need to know about high school but were to afraid to ask" which had the stupidest stories on it. The me n Brian were checkin out e-mail on the computers so she said she was gonna give us a detention for next week when we wont even be in her class next week because its the end of the quarter and we go to a nwe elective. Everyone hates that teacher she's a real bitch. Well I'ma go and I won't leave that much time again without writing. Well cya'll later.

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[23 Mar 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Well beachfest was today as well s yesterday but of course i didnt go. I went to las Olas for like a half hour that i left. I knew if i went to beachfest i wouldnt have felt well because the heat was giving me a headache while i was there soo i doubt i would have even ha fun. But from wut i hear there were a lot of girls walkin aroun din thong bikini's soo thats sumthin i unfortunately missed.

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still sick [22 Mar 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Ahhh still sick today. I feel a little better but my throat still bothers me and my cough is still bothering me. I haven't went to the doctor yet but maybe I'll go soon. Wooo this is gonna be a 4 day weekend! well at least for me. I wonder if i missed nething at skool. well i'll find out monday.

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sick [21 Mar 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey I wasn't able to write yesterday.. I was very sick and I'm still not feeling well. I didn't go to skool today or yesterday so it's all good. My throat hurts bad and im coughing a little. I dono but i think i gotta go to the doctor. But anyways I got up at 3:30 AM and I saw laura online so we were talking about concentration camps and about this sicko who did 'tests' on twin jews by taking blood, performing surgery without anesthesia and all that. Then when I woke up at around 8 something and saw Jennipher IMed me and she satyed home [[played hookey]] hah well we were talking for a few hours then I just dozed off. My throat still hurts now so I'ma go lay down peace out all.

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[19 Mar 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | devious ]

More stupid ass interviews today. Ms. Rowe has the wackiest mind.. she says all this shit like we will be presenting stories today but all we do it pass bak papers and says she assigned stuff that she never assigned. But anyways my gayass bus driver for some strange and unapparent reason he moved me to the front. This fagfgot named Shelly was sittin in my seat an di told the bus driver and the bus driver mad me sit in the first seat so i punched him right in his stomache, Shelly that is. He looked like he was gonna cry but i didnt care. I started getting into it with the bus driver and asking him y he moved me to the front but he started telling me to read rule number 8, and it said sumthing that we hafta obey the bus driver, and i told him i didnt care and he told me i could either sit there or get a referral i told him i didnt care cus getting a referral is much better than being on the bus. Well Ima go ill cya'll later.

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[18 Mar 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I FINISHED my project!! it's awesome because now i dont gotta worry even though i didnt hafta worry in the first place because i aint gonna be at skool the day that we hafta turn in the social studies fair projects. We had another gay interview with Ms. Hurley in journalism... these interviews are very stupid because there's no point and it just wastes our lives. Nothing interesting happened so far today but if anything does, i'll be sure to get bak to u. this girl in 7th grade is gettin mad at me for who knows wut.. she's actin like a... 5 letter b word i dont wanna say. ******* is her name. Well Ima go I'll be bak later.

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[17 Mar 2003|05:01pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today I started my powerpoint for my social studies fair and i got a good amount of it done. The pictures look good and i tihnk it'll get an A because she said powerpoint or webpages are most likely to win. But thats mainly wut I did and i got into a verbal online fight with this girl named ana sayin all this shit about me when she doesnt even know nething about me. But other than that I'm getting all my homework done and I'm proud of it.

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Boring [16 Mar 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today has been boring like most sundays.. the power went out at around 6 AM and that woke me up so i went on the computer after it came bak on. Then i went bak to sleep until 9:30 when my mom woke me up to get ready to go to Las Olas. At las olas my dad picked up subway for us so that was the best part of the day. It was raining outside when we were out there so we went bak in. When my brother and I were walking towards the beach we saw some kool houses from 1926 that were huge as fuck. They were kool. I wanted to start a power point presentation but i cant find my CD so ima see if ne1 at skool has it. Well Ima go ill cya'll later.

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fun day [15 Mar 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | weird ]

hey today was awesome because i went to rachels house today and i havent sen her ina while and i saw courtney and colleen there. they had a singing contest and me courtney and rachel were judges and a whole buncha people sang. This one girl Jen Jen was hilarious when she made fun of Avril Lavigne and saying all this shit like shes soooo punk and all that she was really getting into it and this girl laura who went to my elementary skool sand toni braxton's unbreak my heart.. and rachel's little brother sand god bless america. Also this girl Crystal, who won the contest sand Aaliyah - are u that someone.. and also colleen sang a punkish song. they wall had good voices except spencer and jen jen lol it was fun tho. After i got home rachel called to see if i could go to the movies with her and courtney so i went and we had a fun time because i baught candy and me rachel and courtney were throwing it at people and one woman turned around looked at us and left.. we thoughtshe was telling so we got up ran out and went bak in to the other part of the theatre. The movie was funny it was 'Bring down the house' it was funny as hell. well ima go talk to them online cya'll later.

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[14 Mar 2003|04:44pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well today I didnt get a referral on my bus i was surprised but i knew if i sat near some certain ppl i would so i didnt and i was a good little boy. We also finished watching Anne Frank today and they showed nudity on it and Mrs. Rowe didnt have us get something signed which is kool. The ending was sad because they all died except the father which must have been devastating. But all thats ovewr with and its frigay and thank god. Im going to rachels house omorrow to help her with a project and a whole buncha other ppl will be there. In Mrs. rickett i was sending everyone their projects in e-mail thorugh mine and i was changing peoples slides around and going to websites which was fun. Today we actually didnt go in our geometry books on math im surprised i memorized her opening line when we get in class "alright folks take out ur geometry books" and i quote on that. Well Ima go watch some TV and avoid doing homework so I'll be bak lata.

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[13 Mar 2003|02:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Hey, today was boring as usual because we had skool which is always boring. Cant wait until the summer then I'll be able to have some fun. Today we were watchin more of The Diary of Anne Frank today and it got to a nasty part where she gets her period and they actually show the blood on the bed which they didnt hafta do. But I guess they are just protraying wut it said in her journal so they had to. I was able to make my screen name without a zero in z0ne now its a regular letter o i dono y it didnt work before but it worked now? its weird but wutever. my friends are in a fight :( i dono its kinda confusing they arent talking to each other im not gonna mention names though. AND today my gay ass fucking shit bitch bus driver told me not to be surprised if i get a referral on the bus. Wut a fucking dick shit because I didnt do nething bad to deserve a referral he just doesnt let us do nething. if i coughed im sure he'd get mad but thats wut it is with bus drivers. I could probably get in his face.. he probably became a bus driver because he needed the money. Ehh I hate him buit i guess being off the bus is better than being on it. well Ima go ill cya later.

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Elisabeth Smart is alive! [12 Mar 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Hey I was just watching the news and it said that Elisabeth Smart was found alive when she was kidnapped 8 months ago. Its really surprising that she is alive and im actually happy now that she was found cus she shouldnt have had to go through that. But anyways today was yet again boring because we took the NRT for FCAT's and the reading ws easier than the math and usually the math is easier for me. I think I got like a 99 in reading and maybe a 99 or 98 in math.. Oh well however i do is how well I'll do. I was able to finish my powerpoint presentation today in Mrs. Rickett's class. The rest of the day was boring cus in Mrs. Rowe's class all we did was reda boring stories and pick one we are going to read to the class. That class is always boring. Well Ima go watch the news and see more about elisabeth smart. peace out.

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[11 Mar 2003|05:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Today was pretty boring cus we took the science part of the FCAT's today which was easy but so damn boring. The first session was easy but the next one was harder but i still think i did better than i intended. Ms. Hawn's class of course she gave us work cus she isnt nice and she gave us a damn quiz on FCAT day which i dont tihnk is fair but that's Ms. Hawn for u. In mrs. Rowe's class we watched Anne Frank the movie. It hasn't been saad so far but i know its gonna get sad because ive sen it and it has nudity in it, its actually disgusting. Mrs. rowe was telling us about the parts where we hafta bemature like when Anne was stuffing her bra because she wanted boobs and all that. Hah Jennipher finally got her Livejournal after waiting a while but hey better than nothing. But anyways my friend jasmine had told me she had cancer but did she? no she made it sound real but then i used my logic and realized u cant diagnos cancer from a check up u needa get a lot of tests done. And I wanna tell he rnow she shouldnt joke about that kinda stuff cus my mommy had cancer so i dont think it;s that funny as funny as u may have thought it was. But neways ima go now ill cyall later.

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[10 Mar 2003|04:15pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Hey today was kind weird.. it was the 15th year anniversary of my grandfathers death, my mothers father, and my mom told me about wut they did to see him before he died and all. It would have been kool if he were here now but he would be 80 so he would be pretty old. Today was a boring day at skool like usual mr. adamson is making us research a country and find someting out about it. It's gotta be the most boring assignment ever. But during Ms. Hawn's class, Mr. Thomas called me down to talk about Brandi. Apparently one of the teachers found the site, which was Mr. Bush and thre was some ting on it about Ms. Haweny so Ms. Haweney saw it to. Mr Thomas called me up because he she wasn't feeling "safe" because a lot of people found out about her page. He asked me why i told the peoiple it had shit about and i told him because they had a right to know. he asked 'did u know u were making her susceptible to danger' i said it's her own fault for making the site in the first place, if she didn't this wouldnt have happened. He is a liar, and he's trying to make it look like people are mad at because of me. Well Mr. Thomas can kiss my ass 'cus he dont know wut he's talking about. Well Ima go now cya'll later.

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[09 Mar 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Hey today I didnt hafta go to my dads store and help put but my brother did, so I had the whole day to myself.. so do u know wut I did? ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) u know wut I did.. wink wink.. I MADE A SANDWHICH! ur smart. I know u knew that cus thats the worst thing I did. I also just sat around and watched American Pie 2. I was also working on a skit for Mrs. Rowes class that we needa have done since we didnt go yet. It's comin out good but hopefully it'll be better. I wanna just go bak to sleep for sum reason but i dono if I should because I am home alone and if ne1 breaks in i wont be able to har it and they could kill me before I could do anything and then I would be dead and I would regret that I went to sleep, but luckily I'm not going to so I won't hafta worry about that. Well I'ma go finish it I'll talk later.

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[08 Mar 2003|04:03pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today I woke up early and I went to my dads store to help out again. It was hot as a mother fucker outside, but I still had to go, but it got cooler. My brother musta been the laziest persono there because all he did was sit in the bathroom and slept and didn't help with nething, while i was bustin my balls helpin out. Well he's gettin in trouble and he hasta go bak tomorrow and I dont :-D so that's all good. Anyways last night I was talking with Rachel and Courtney on the phone, I hadn't talked to Rachel ina while but it was good. And she said i sound different, but I don't see a change. Anyways.. Jasmine I dono wut happened to ur LJ i would never do nething to it... ur my sister.. u know i wouldnt do that. But I think it's time to rest so I'll cya'll later.

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TGIF [07 Mar 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ahhh thank god its friday cus this day for some reason went by so damn slow. This had to be the bortingest day cus I was falling asleep in class, except in Mrs. Jackson's class, we were using the stethoscopes, playing 'doctor' jk lol we were also using blood pressure thingys and we were taking each others blood pressure and we were making it too tight on Alberto and he was yellin at us. Then he brought it up to high and i was like ready to pass out cus of his stupid ass. We also were measureing our heartbeat bu doing jumping jacks then getting out heartbeat and timing it for about 20 seconds. It was kinda fun.
Then we got to Mrs. Rowes class which was kool because we made skits and one group made fun of DeSalanche [Gaysalunchia] by maing up a town called Faggotville but they pronounced it [FAY - git - ville] so it wasnt sounded like it was spelled and used his last name as a family that lived there. It was clever and it explained DeSalanche well. Well I gotta go do ours cus we were hte last group and we didnt have time to do ours, so I'll talk later.

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Project due [06 Mar 2003|04:14pm]
[ mood | working ]

Hey people. I have my social studies fair research paper rough draft due tomorrow and I need a ton more pages to do. I sitll gotta finish the body which hasta have everyhting about our state. I swear this shit is so boring. Also this kid jason brought in a picture of his 'girlfriend' which we all know was his cousin cus they look exactly alike. Its kinda sad how some people do that. He wrote a not to this girl that he liked that didnt like hi bak.. he says its a 'break-up-letter' but they were never going out so it kinda doesnt make sense. But anyways I am also talkin to Jen about wut we usta do last year like when i was pretending I was dying but i really wasnt anbd all that shit..Well i gotta work on my report [copy and paste] so I will bebak later. Peace..

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Last day of FCAT this week [05 Mar 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey today was the last day of FCAT for this week. I'm happy because it was boring, but we still gotta take science and the NRT's next week. Those are usually much easier than these regular ones. Today in the morning Ms. Rowe heard me talking shit about her and she scared the shit outta me by saying 'I herd everything u said about me' I was scared cus I thought she'd give me a referral and then I couldnt go on Florida tour but she probably forgot like usual. I am working on my homepage, my Hometown page because I probably cant use nething else. In Mrs. rickett's class we were working on the laptops but of course i wasnt workin on our project i was checkin my mail and goin to websites. Then she left the room for a few minutes but when she came bak i started working on it. I'm watchin Tru Confessions now.. that movie is kool but kinda sad in the end. We also got rough drafts due Friday for Mra. Rickett so I haven't worked on it all day but I will tomorrow. well Ima go watch some TV and finish my homepage, I'll cya later.

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First Day of FCAT [04 Mar 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Hey today was out first day of FCAT Testing. It was boring, but Ms. Jackson gavce us doughnuts to keep us up and to keep us from talking. The stories for it were easy and I tihnk I actually did well in reading this year. Julie was yelling all this shit to Valerie cus Valerie was talking about her and Julie was calling her an ugly slut and all that. I finally have been able to see those mood icons bounce cus it had sumthin to do with my Firewall so I just adjusted it and now i can see it. Tomorrow we take the Math part which is more boring but easier than the reading. And then unfortunatley next week we gotta take science FCAT's which suck because science is sumthin most of us suck in. After all this testing we had taken today, Ms. Hawn still had the nerve to give us homework even though we were so tired from testing. Well, the good part is I think we'll be getting more doughnuts tomorrow so we have something to munch on. Oh by the way I'm lookin for a Livejournal code for my friend so if anyone has one that they can give me, please e-mail me: Skippinklass@aol.com Well peace out all and good luck to everyone taking the FCAT's tomorrow.

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[03 Mar 2003|02:44pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Hey, today wasn't bad because Ms. Adamson was out again and we all signed a card hoping for her to feel better. Then we had Mr. Ennis as a sub which that class was boring. In Mrs. Rickett's class I was just on the computer taking tests at Quizilla.com with Valerie. she was taking all the tests like what porno would u star in or whats ur sexual fetish or wuts ur sex appeal. We were cracking up at some of the answers she put down there for it. Then after i was talking to my sisters [lisanne and jasmine] we are the three sisters. Ya i am one of their sisters. Its funny but its kool. Ms. hawn always tells us not to use "His" meaning God's name in class, when she said "Lord Shut Up" to us so I said "Please dont use 'His' name like that" and she said she did nt and I reminded her that she sid lors. Then she told me to shut up. Jason was so stupid, he printed out sumthin that said sometihng about Clone High that was the stupidest and no one cared about. Then he threw a nickel at the wall in Ms. hawn's class probably to look kool but he wasnt. Well I'ma go i got FCAT's tomorrow :( which suck dick but we gotta take them so I'll cya later.

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Worst weekend [02 Mar 2003|01:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

This really bad terrible weekend started with this bitch named Brandi by IMing me tellig me about her homepage. The homepage was a geocities that beasically said that she hates me, when i thought we were straight. it said that me n a buncha other ppl are just preppy ppl who think we're better than everyone else. What gives her thwe right to do that? Then she basically said that everyone I know talks shit about me behind my bak and that I have no friends at all when she's the social enemy. She gave me a list of names, including my best friend, which I also have something to say about that, who talk about me. I'm serious when I say this but she made me cry. I was breaking out in tears knowing she would say that. THEN on the webpage it has a link for her "friends" to click and it has my ex best friend's name there and at the bottom there's one sentence that stuck out; Thanks for the help on the site! HOW THE FUCK COULD MY BEST FUCKIN FRIEND DO THAT TO ME?! I don't know wut kinda world they r in, but they both put a whole in me that will never be fixed. They can try to get me to forgive them but I won't not this time. And for u Brandi.. U cant say we dont have live, cus ur only life is those spikes and collars on ur neck and arms, which look fuckin gay. So my weekend was terrible thanks to them. For no reason this was, remember.NO FUCKIN REASON AT ALL! And one more thing.. WTF did I ever do to deserve the fuckin ppl in my skool to fuckin talk shit about me? Someone out there answer that, besides Laura, Brandi or Billy.

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[01 Mar 2003|04:39pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Today I woke up on my own at 8:00 AM and my mom came in to make sure I was up because we were going to Las Olas. It was hot as hell there but i still had to stay outside and hand out fliers to ppl. It was boring. While I was gone I got an IM on AOL from someone who said this girl is mad at me. I have no clue still but when she gets opnline I will ask her. We stayed at Las Olas from about 9:00 AM until about 4:30 PM so it was long. I'm probably gonna make an AOL s/n on my new account and trick someone by pretending to be someone else. I'll do it to ppl who don't even know I have their sn so it wont seem to obvious in case they are reading this so whoever is dot worry it wont be u cus it's too obvious. Well I'ma go I'll be back later.

Pete & Pete. So, your younger brother has a tattoo
and you don't, what could be worse? At lease
your names aren't Eugene.

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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Now I'm Pete and pete??

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[28 Feb 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey today was good because I finally got my AOL account! I was able to put my s/n from my other AOL account on this one so now I can use it. I can makle as many as i want which is kool. At skool mthis girl Lana told on me to the grade level administrator because she thinks I was bothering her but I would call it "complimenting." All her friend know that I'm playing around but she doesnt. it's funny as hell how she tries to be popular by asking for answers during a test and she knows them. I stopped tattling in 2nd grade? well I'ma go watch TV I'll cya later.

You would make them suffer

How would you kill someone
brought to you by Quizilla

Yo yo, what it is Dawg. You are the typical
GANGSTA' from the hood. Word. Put down that
piece and take off the bandana unless you want
to be shot in a gang war. People fear and
respect you in school, but they'll laugh at you
once they graduate and you're in jail.

What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?
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Quiz [27 Feb 2003|06:43pm]

Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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Quiz [27 Feb 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

I am rap and R &apos;n&apos; B music!
You are Rap and R 'n' B, man.

What type of music are you?
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[27 Feb 2003|05:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey today was good because we had a sub again in Journalism whick rocked. Ms. Hawn shuted right in my ear and I asked her if she must scream in my ear buyt her rude old self still said yes that bitch. On the way there this faggot [i usually dont use that word] was thre and said "o look it's billy's sister daniella" which had to be the lamest thing to say. He talks about me behind my back so if i hear he does again ima get in his face about it and tell him to say it to my face instead of behind my back like a little pussy. Most likely he'll get scared cus all he can do is speak he probable cant fight his pussy old body. Anyways i got all goooood grades so far and im happy cus i wont get my comp taken away which is a good thing and I wont hafta worry. As fo rmy brother.. hmm i wont go there.I'm almost finished with my social studies fair report and i found out it aint due till NEXT friday not thi smonday. That's awesome cus I wont hafta worry about it for a while, even though I'm almost done. I could still hand it in and get a 10 addition to it but i dono if i will. Anyways if that kid Cedar, what a fucked up name that is, starts nething again I'll be happy to kick his ass. Well I'ma go and plan my revenge if nething does happen, so I'll cya lata.

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
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[26 Feb 2003|07:53pm]
Legends of the Hidden Temple. You're smart,
intelligent, and have no sense of fashion.

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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Funny [26 Feb 2003|06:05pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Today was great because we got interims. I was expecting a few pretty bad grades, but I got all A's and 2 B's. I think it's great because it's been my bes one so far. I think I can get straight A's this quarter. Luckily we were able to miss Ms. Rowe's class today because we went to a Pep Ralley about the stupid FCAT. The only good part was that face that the chearleaders were there. They would give us signs, there were four sections, one section would hold up the letter "F" one would hold up "C" one would hold up "A" and my section held up "T." It was the stupidedst thing so I was writing stuff on the back and holding it up trying to look bored. Then they picked some people from each setion to come down and "win an X Box" and of course everyone was screaming, and Mr. wells was getting mad at the last 4 rows, which I was in one of them, because we werent doing anything or showing any effort. I didn't really care much for it. They picked Illyana from out group, and then they would ask the easiest questions to them like "whats the square root of 144" or "what are the three phases of matter" which was the easiest question. Or "where do u put a comma in a sentence' I man, hello we're in wut? 8th grade, i think we know this shit already. Then when the person finally won the XBOX they said there wasn't an X-Box. Probably because this school can't afford it or they were just trying to get something to get out attention because nothing else can. Also they had a dance thing to see who could dance the best. AJ kept getting his white ass up and dancing with the others thinking he's kool, it was funny as hell because he made an ass of himself. FCAT's are next week anyway so they were just trying to tell us to have fun. Now what is there fun about FCAT? Nothing. Is that ur final answer? yes. It had to be the stupedist shit there is. Anyways ms. rickett told us that our Social studies fair project is due on Monday and today is Wednesday and I haven't started it yet. Well I just did now and I already have 4 pages out of the six. I hafta finish soon cus this weekend I hafta go bak to las Olas and help out at the store again. Well kids I'm out I'm gonna go do some shit, I'll cya later.

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Survey [25 Feb 2003|04:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. have you ever been high? ya every day
2. when was the first time you got high? didnt get high
3. who were you with when you did it for the first time? A hooker
4. do you still toke? wtf
5. do you smoke cigarettes? naw
6. if so, what brand? Marlboro, but I dont smoke
7. who is/are your favorite band bands? Nelly, Ludacris, nething rap
8. who introduced you to them? The TV
9. what music were you listening to when you first got high? the song "because I got high"
10. have you ever tripped before? ya
11. if so, what did you trip on? my foot
12. what was your favorite 4:20? ur mom
13. do you drink? yes we all do
14. what is your favorite drink? water
15. whats your favorite music? rap
16. favorite movie? Back To The Future 1, 2 and 3
17. when was the first time you drank? when I was less than a year old
18. who were you with? my parents
19. what was your best new years experience? I was 8 and I went outside and kids were cursing
20. what was your worst new years experience? none
21. have you had sex? naw
22. if so how old were you your first time? ima virgin
23. have you ever had group sex? o ya all the time
24. if you could sleep with any of your friends (that you are not dating) who would it be? Uhh Courtney lol.
25. do you consider yourself a party girl/guy? ½ and ½
26. do you like to be the life of the party? naw
27. do you like to be the center of attention? naw
28. have you ever thrown a party? yea
29. if so, how'd it/they go? excellent
30. would you rather be drunk or high? high
31. when was the last time you were high? a few minutes ago
32. when was the last time you were drunk? when I was less than a year old
33. are you high right now? yes
34. are you drunk right now? naw
35. wheres the best party spot? the beach
36. who has the coolest house to party at? hmm dono
37. what do you think is the best stoner movie of all time? American Pie?
38. who do you think is the most innocent out of all the ppl u know? <---- wtf
39. who do you think is a closet partier? Moses
40. who is the best person to party with? me
41. what was your most embarrasing drunk moment? when I was a kid and I started walking around asking for Lulu.
42. have you ever had sex at a party? naw

01. name: Danny
02. d.o.b.: 02-01-89
03. location: 954
04. religion: American fo sho!
05. occupation: student
06. gender: male
07. hobbies: chillin online, going to the movies, playing sports, typing these [fun] surveys.
08. best friend[s]: Laura, Alberto V.
09. age: 14
10. parents: Ron and Judy

01. clothing: clothes
02. music: rap
03. makeup: none
04. body art: none
05. body piercings: my left ear

01. wearing: blue pants, black shirt and orange boxers.
02. listening to: Back to the future 2 DVD
03. thinking of: SOS
04. feeling: high
05. boyfriend/girlfriend: none.. 4 now
06. best friend: Laura
07. song: 50 Cent- In da club
08. drink: water
09. nail polish color: uhh none
10. screen name: hEaT z0nE [AIM]

01. bought: this computer
02. did: typed the previous answer
03. ate & drank: Mac & cheese, chicken and ucky peas lol
04. read: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III
05. watched on tv: now- Back to the future 2
06. convo with: Laura about real sex lol
07. present: valentinies day gifts from ppl
08. day of school: Tuesday
09. seen: the comp

01. kill: Fabio, Chris, Troy, Kyle
02. shag: ???
03. slap: i dont slap
04. hear from: Jamsine
05. get really wasted with: no one
06. tickle: umm Laura lol
07. look like: uhhh
08. be like: me
09. love: SOS
10. funny: AJ

01. food: pizza
02. drink: water
03. color: red and black
04. album: none
05. shoes: Nike's
06. site: www.livejournal.com/~heatzone/
07. dance: me no dance
08. song: 50 Cent- In da club
09. vegetable: uhh corn?
10. fruit: strawberries
11. sandwich: Solami?

5 things you are wearing
1. Orange Boxers
2. Black Shirt
3. Necklace
4. blue pants
5. That's it

5 things you can see (besides the obvious)
1. the TV
2. the remote
3. the bed
4. the door
5. the speakers near the comp

5 things you are doing right now
1. filling this out
2. talking on AIM
3. getting ready to stop this
4. yawning
5. watching a DVD

5 things you ate/drank in the last 24 hours
1. water
2. mac & Cheese
3. kit kats
4. juice
5. gum

5 things you did so far today
1. Went to school
2. got online
3. got on the bus
4. showered
5. started filling out this survey

5 things you can hear right now
1. The sound of IM's on AIM
2. keyboard
3. the sound of ppl signing on/off AIM
4. the clicking of the mouse
5. DVD

5 colors you can see
1. black
2. blue
3. gray
4. orange
5. red

1. Favorite bands? 50 Cent, Nelly, Ludacris, Eminem
2. Do you enjoy concerts? naw not really
3. What was the last concert you attended? none
4. Music you couldn't live without? rap
5. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't care nor miss? Slipknot, nething HEAVY METAL or Punk rock!
6. About how many CDs do you own? hmm didnt count
7. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time? one
8. Do you have a discman? ya
9. What CD could you listen to for hours? an MP3
10. Can you sing well? hell naw

How many CDs do you own by...
11. Britney Spears? hmm none
12. City High? 0
13. O-Town? 0
14. Eminem? 1
15. Incubus? 0
16. Blink 182? 1
17. Everclear? 0
18. Mandy Moore? 0
19. Backstreet Boys? hell naw none
20. N Sync? 0
21. Dr. Dre? 0
22. Fuel? 0
23. Linkin Park? 1
24. Destiny's Child? 0
25. Dream? 0
26. KoRn? 0
27. Limp Bizkit? 0
28. Missy Elliot? 0
29. Nelly Furtado? 0
30. Jessica Simpson? 0
31. Christina? 1
32. Eve 6? 0
33. Sum 41? 0
34. No Doubt? 0
35. Mariah Carey? 0

What lyric comes to your mind when you hear...
36. Goo Goo Dolls? uhhhh
37. Lifehouse? uhhhh
38. Vertical Horizon? ummm
39. Vitamin C? as we go on, we remember, all the times we had together.
40. LFO? i like girl who wear abercrombie and fitch..
41. Savage Garden? i knew i loved you before i met you..
42. Papa Roach? this is my last resort..
43. The Bloodhound Gang? lets do it like they do on the discovery channel, get horny now..
44. Toni Braxton? ummm
45. 98 degrees? i dont lid=sten to 98 degrees but jasmine says "i do, cherish you.."
46. Our Lady Peace? pray for us lol
47. The Verve? umm
48. Craig David? uhhhh
49. Willa Ford? i got ur love in my back pocket?? i think
50. AQUA? i'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world..lifes fantastic when your plastic you can brush my hair undress me anywhere haha
51. 311? uhhh
52. Mikalia? uhhhhhhh
53. The Fugees? wtf
Either or...
54. Britney or Christina? Britney
55. Punk or rock? neither
56. Edited or un-edited? unedited
57. Backstreet Boys or N Sync? neither
58. Nick or Justin? neither
59. Live or on TV? Live
60. Amphitheater or arena? Arena
61. Live band or recorded tape? Live Band

*General Facts*
1) Name on birth certificate? Daniel Charles *******
2) Birthday? Febnruary 1st
3) Height? 5'4
4) Eye color? hazel
5) Hair color? dirty blonde
6) Hometown? Ft. lauderdale
7) Birthplace? Plantation
8) School? P-o Middle
9) Screen name(s)? AOL: Skippin Klass AIM- hEaT z0nE Yahoo- doggybusines
10) Email address? SkippinKlass@aol.com or PnoDude@aol.com or DudeInUrBackyard@aol.com
11) Do u have a website? jus this LiveJournal
12) Nicknames? Mista Ears
13) Siblings? One twin brother
14) Zodiac Sign? Aquarius
15) Phone # ? 1-800-fuck-off
16) Address? ya right
17) Makeup? none
18) Do u tan or sunburn in summer? both
19) Religion? Jewish/American
20) Church? no i dont but i still love ya god!

18) " life? Cool! Where can I downlod one?" "Of course I love you. Why else would I have an erection?"
19) Type of music? Rap
20) Book? Timeline Michael Crichton
21) Ice Cream? Mint chocolate chip
22) Color? red and black
23) Number? 21
24) Sport? tennis and basketball
25) Celebrity? Michael J. Fox, Hallie Barrie,
27) Soda? Sprite or Pepsi
28) Food? Pizza, fish, steak and candy
29) Fast Food? wendy's, mcdonalds, burger king
30) Radio Station? 99 Jamz, Power 96 and Y-100
31) Breakfast Food? Sausage, eggs, pancakes, waffles, all dat good stuff
32) Candy? kit kats
33) Music Group? eminem, 50 cent, ludacris, nelly
34) Song? 50 Cent- In da club
35) Jeans Brand? Tommy, mudd, Paris blue
36) Clothes Brand? uhh Joe Boxer?
37) Shoes Brand? Now- New Balance
38) Scent? smell of girls :)
39) Animal? dogs or cats
40) Hangout? Oasis, beach or mall
41) Chips? sour cream and onion
42) Game? GTA3
43) Soundtrack? none
44) Movie(s)? All 3 Back to the futures and The 2 American Pies
45) TV show(s)? Boy Meets World, 7th Heaven Real World
46) Season? summer

47) Do you have AOL Instant Messenger? ya
48) If so...how many ppl r on your buddy list? 193
49) Pets? none :(
50) Any words or phrases you overuse? "what an idiot"
51) If u could have one wish, what would it be? i dont need ne wishes
*How Do U Feel About..*
52) Bill Clinton? cheater
53) Abortion? not kool
54) Rap? awesome
55) Alternative? nah
56) Country? hell nah
58) Authority? me

59) Do u have a g/f? naw
61) Ever been in luv? ya
62) Who do you like rite now? hmm SOS
63) 1st thing you notice about the opposite sex? thmm ya'll should know (*)(*)- lol its true
64) Turnoffs? bitchiness
65) What don't you care for in the opposite sex? popularity

*Getting Personal*
66) Deaf/Blind? deaf
67) Pool/Hot tub? hot tub
68) Coke/Pepsi? pepsi
69) Sunrise/Sunset? sunset
70) Fast/Slow Dance? dont dance
71) Day/Night? Night
72) Baseball/football? neither
73) Burger King/McDonald's? Burger King
74) Dr. Pepper/Mountain Dew? Dr pepper
75) Sprite/7up? Sprite
76) Christmas/Easter? Christmas
77) How many pillows do u have? 2
78) Piercings? 1
79) Bedtime? dont have one :-P
80) Most humiliating moment? uhhh
81) Do u get along w/ your parents? ya
82) Pochacco/Keropi/Hello Kitty/Badzu Martu? Keropi
83) Sony/Panosonic? <----- stupid question
84) Dog/Cat? dog
85) Black/White? black
86) Shampoo and Conditioner? conditioner
87) Best Friend? laura
88) MTV/VH1? MTV
89) Backstreet Boys/nsync? neither
90) Partier/Calm/In between? In between
91) Nick Carter/Justin Timberlake? u asked this already

*Have You Ever..*
92) Smoked? o ya every day
93) Taken other drugs? no
94) Done anything illegal? don't think so i'm a good girl
95) Failed a subject? no
96) Been to a foreign country? ya
97) Had a pet? ya
98) Moved? no
99) Cheated on your b/f / g/f? no
100) Won an award? lots
101) Beaten n-e 1 up? ya
102) Gotten beaten up? no
103) Played strip poker? lol naw
104) Broken the law? ya?
105) Ran away? naw
106) Cheated on a test? hell ya
107) Gone skinny dipping? naw but i wanna
108) Drank? yup
109) Broken a bone? no
110) Kicked n-e 1 in the balls? haha naw thats wrong

*Do You Believe In..*
111) Magic? hmm ya kinda
112) Luv at first sight? ya
113) God? ya
114) Heaven? ya
115) Hell? hell naw lol
116) Unicorns? no
117) Horoscopes? ya
118) Ghosts? ya
119) Youself? Ya i do
120) Aliens? ya

*About the Opposite Sex*
121) Have any regrets? no
122) Must have personality traits? funny, hot and nice personality
123) Things u luv most about guys/girls? I like the way some girls have the sexiest voice and how some of them can make me laugh and how I can just have a good time around her.
*The last time I...*
124) Took a shower? last night lol gotta take one now
125) Ate? a few hours ago
126) Drank? now
127) Cried? cant remember
128) Laughed? just now at these questions
129) Brushed your teeth? this morning
130) Talked on the phone? yesterday
131) Talked on instant messager? now
132) Had a good time w/ friends? today
133) Slept till 12 on saturday morning?naw i cant lol
134) Got straight A's? this year
135) Failed a test? hmm a while ago

141) Has it easier, guys or gurls? guys
142) Makes you laugh the hardest? AJ
143) Has a crush on you? ******* and ***** and ******** lol all of them i aint gonna embaress them.
144) Do you Have a crush on? hmm ********
145) Do you Hate? Cedar,Fabio, Chris
146) Do you Love? my friends
147) Do you Have the most fun with? my friends
148) Is the Loudest person? AJ
149) Is the Most hyper? AJ he has ADHD
150) Is the Biggest giggler? hmm Jennipher
151) Can you trust a secret with? Laura

*Plans 4 Future?*
152) Marriage? hell yah
153) Kids? 3
154) College? hell yah
155) Job? hmm Mortgage Broker
157) Where to live? Florida
158) Tattoos? none

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[25 Feb 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Hey, today was fun, in Mrs. Hawn's class I was asking her if she remembered the song "Mr. Sandman" from like the 50's, which of course she probably does because she was most likely born in the, what, 20's? Lol.. Well I g2g I have makeup work to finish. Luckily we won't be goin to Ms. Hoe's class tonmorrow because we have a Pep Ralley to go to. Well I'ma go I'll write more later.

Check out the real Sex convo below

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The "Real Sex" Issue [24 Feb 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | horny ]

hEaT z0nE (9:53:38 PM): HAH that had a real sex thing last night it was like 2 hours long
Friend(9:53:50 PM): haha
hEaT z0nE (9:53:58 PM): lol
Friend(9:54:01 PM): i was watchin cartoons with brandy
hEaT z0nE (9:54:50 PM): oo and u decided to miss real sex 4 that huh
Friend (9:55:00 PM): i didnt kno it wa son
Friend(9:55:10 PM): and besides brandy dont watch that crap
hEaT z0nE (9:55:10 PM): aint it ur fav show
Friend (9:55:15 PM): hell naw
Friend(9:55:18 PM): i think its funny
hEaT z0nE (9:55:23 PM): and when r we gonna make a real sex tape remember lol
Friend (9:55:35 PM): haha!
Friend (9:55:38 PM): thats right
hEaT z0nE (9:55:42 PM): we still gotta do it
Friend (9:55:42 PM): we still gotsta do that
hEaT z0nE (9:55:45 PM): yupo
hEaT z0nE (9:55:48 PM): yup*
hEaT z0nE (9:55:50 PM): u read my mind
Friend (9:55:53 PM): HAHA we said it at the same time
hEaT z0nE (9:55:54 PM): now how should we do it
Friend (9:55:55 PM): yup
Friend (9:56:03 PM): haha
Friend (9:56:05 PM): dunno
Friend (9:56:07 PM): 69!!!!
hEaT z0nE (9:56:11 PM): yas
Friend (9:56:13 PM): jk
hEaT z0nE (9:56:16 PM): that would be fun lol
Friend(9:56:18 PM): ok then
hEaT z0nE (9:56:18 PM): ya ur right
Friend (9:56:23 PM): yay
Friend (9:56:24 PM): lol
hEaT z0nE (9:56:25 PM): how about we go to a NUDE BEACH lol
Friend (9:56:34 PM): hey i love the beach
hEaT z0nE (9:56:38 PM): ya it's fun
hEaT z0nE (9:56:53 PM): and we'll get ppl to film us doin some -XXX- rated thing lol
Friend (9:57:01 PM): HAHA
Friend (9:57:03 PM): too funny
hEaT z0nE (9:57:05 PM): yup
Friend (9:57:11 PM): and itd be funn
hEaT z0nE (9:57:26 PM): ya
hEaT z0nE (9:57:30 PM): hmm we should do that
Friend (9:58:04 PM): haha actually, we could do it on the private beach right herre...no one watches...not even my mom..and we could pay sumone, like $1 to film it
Friend (9:58:05 PM): lol
hEaT z0nE (9:58:26 PM): lol that would be kool and funny as hell
Friend (9:58:39 PM): i would be laughing the whole time
hEaT z0nE (9:58:41 PM): people would think we're crazy
Friend (9:58:58 PM): hello-private beach-no one around
Friend (9:58:59 PM): lol
hEaT z0nE (9:59:06 PM): no when they watch it
Friend (9:59:11 PM): o ya
hEaT z0nE (9:59:12 PM): on Real Sex lol
Friend (9:59:13 PM): lol
hEaT z0nE (9:59:13 PM): lol
Friend (9:59:16 PM): haha
Friend (9:59:18 PM): we can send it in
hEaT z0nE (9:59:31 PM): lol ya
Friend (9:59:48 PM): we gotsta cover up the faces tho ...dont want ppl to kno who i am, jus wanna be paid!
hEaT z0nE (9:59:57 PM): lol yup
hEaT z0nE (10:00:30 PM): Real sex rocks 4 lifee

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[24 Feb 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Today was kool because I found out I am NOT I repeat NOT failing History. I have a C for crytin out loud I was expecting an F.

Go me go me it's my birthday.

I got this huge spanish pakcett from Ms. Santana that I wasn't there to get on Friday but she's giving me a few extra days to do it so it's all good. It's kinda easy but if I need help I've got the online translator to help me translate the words I don't know. We all did crappy on the test, just about everyone failed, but not me. I got a 68% on it. My grade is now a 92% and after this packet It will be higher. My friend just told me that this BOY just followed her home and beat her up and I am pissed off now and I feel like kicking his ass, even though I don't go to that school. If I did he would get hurt. But unfortunatley I don't so this kid better stop. Anyways i gotta finish this packet cus i needa hand it in b4 interim's go out so I'll cya'll lata.

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AOL Account [23 Feb 2003|11:46am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hmm AIM seems to be booting me off a lot so I think since my brother was able to pay for his own palace, I tihnk I'll ask my mom for my own AOL account so I can go on that with my Cable Internet. It would be a lot bvetter because I used to think AOL was crappier but I notice that I never got booted off AOL as much as I've been gettin booted off AIM. Even though it hasn't been a lot, I've gotten use to AOL for about 6-7 years as we've had it so I think that's wut I'll do.

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Finished my reports! [23 Feb 2003|09:04am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

FINALLY! I finished my spanish report.

It was hard but I finally did it. I didn't answer one of them because it was beginning to be a real pain. I coppied some of it but change the words around in a totally different way and it equalled to about 3 pages. I still neeeed to find a project for Social Studies Fair so I can write my purpose. If I don't hand it in..

Ehh wut am I sayin' I hafta hand it in!

Well yet again I am watching a movie on my PS2 and trying not to think about work cus then the answer will pop up in my face. Well I'ma go now, thanks Jamsine again for giving me the code yet again heh and Peace out everyone

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I should Think Twice before Speaking [22 Feb 2003|01:36pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Actually Las Olas where my dads store is was tight. It was nice out and there were nice places around there. The store looks kool, my mom did a good job decorating it. Me and my brother were handing out fliers to get ppl to come in the store and it was working. And my dad is paying us to do it ;). Theres also a movie theatre right there as well as the IMAX theatre and a museum. And it's only a quarter of a mile from the beach. It's tight. There was this guy who was walkin around in a thong and my brother and I as well as everyone else there were disgusted by it. He gotta learn to put some pants on.

That's just fuckin sick!

Anyways I still gotta finish my reports and maybe I can see Final Destination tomorrow. I just got Wendy's and I got a Spicy Chicken Combo with a Sprite. I also rented the DVD 40 Days and 40 Nights. I heard it was funny so I wanna watch that too. Well Ima get finished with everything so I'll cya'll later.

Well, dat's all folks.

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Grrrrr [22 Feb 2003|09:56am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Grrr when I got to the refridgerator there was only ONE leftover slice of pizza. Luckily I was able to get to it before anyone else did. My mom also told me that at Noon or 1:00 that I hafta go to my dad's store all day to help out! I hate being there. it's not the fact that he owns a store, it's just that I don't like working in stores. I find it..

zZzZz boring!

And that reminds me of the most annoying celebrity...
You wanna kill Avril
Avril Lavigne, she's a disgrace to your kind.

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well anyways, I think I'm gonna take a shower since I hafta go there and I'll probably be out all day.

Peace out...

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Yumm Pizza [22 Feb 2003|09:05am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hey first I wanna thank Jasmine for doin the layout for me. It looks tight now. Dang it's early now and I'm hungry. But anyways I still gotta finish my reports for skool cus I still can't find information. This is turning out to be a real pain in the ass.I just wish I could find a placwe whre it had info. I can't afford an F in history or I can kiss this computer good bye. -yawn- I slept well last night even though I went to bed at what? 2:30? It's aight 2:30 AM isn't even late, it's early. Early in the morning. I heard from my friend Brian that we didn't do good at all on our tests and that she was pissed. I'm glad I wasn't there on Friday to hear all of this. But I don't understand, I found the first part easy, the one that he said most people failed. I think I failed the second part because that was hard. But anyways I hope I did well anyways. I gottaaaa finishh it or I'm doomed...
When I say doomed, I mean doomed!
I just gave a DeadJournal code to my friend, but they are just a copy of LiveJournal just with a different name. There are a lot of journal things that have coppied LiveJournal. They all seem the same but Dead Journal just seems a lil weird. Well I'ma go get some brain food, AKA pizza for breakfast. It's ok, pizza is very healthy and part of a balanced diet. Ok maybe not, but still it's what I'm in the mood for. I'll cya later.

Mmmmm time for some pizza...

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